Blue China and Copper Pendant

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This pretty blue china seapottery pendant was collected on the banks of Loch Long.  It has an electroformed copper edge and bail. It is approximately 2" long and an inch wide.

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Electroforming is a process of growing copper around an item.  It is an electrochemical procedure which can produce stunning effects, where no two pieces will ever turn out the same. The process takes several days and is a delicate, skilled process.

This is a really pretty bright blue and white shard of victorian seapottery.  Seapottery is classed an industrial waste and can be freely collected from beaches. Whilst we're out collecting pieces we always do our bit to clean up the beach by taking home some rubbish from it.  We like to be green!  The pendant has an elegant electroformed copper edge which highlights the china beautifully.  All our items are truly unique as you never find two pieces alike!

Items similar to this can be made to order, however, due to the nature of our work each piece will vary in size, shape and china pattern. But it does make each piece truly unique.


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