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Gilded Mussel Shell Choker

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This unusual choker is a real mussel shell which was collected on the beach of Loch Long, Argyll & Bute. The shell is approximately 3 inches long and the outside of the shell has been gilded in a mixed metal finish.  This gives a pretty rainbow gold, copper, bronze and silver finish and no two gilded shells are ever the same.

The underside of the shell has been left untouched - other than a polish. The shell has been skillully drilled horzontally through the top of the shell so that it can be fed through a gold plated choker. Perfect with a plunging evening dress!

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Electroforming is a process of growing copper around an item.  It is an electrochemical procedure which can produce stunning effects, where no two pieces will ever turn out the same. Each item starts life as a real, living object it them goes through a process of sealing and making it conductive and then finally encasing it in copper.  Electroforming takes several days and is a delicate, skilled process.

Whilst some of our other pieces are left to patina naturally this claw has been sealed with a non toxic lacquer to help it retain it's brightness. It has a 16 inch solid copper choker, however this can be changed to a chain if you so wish.

All our items are truly unique as you never find two pieces alike!

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