Gunmetal Copper Oak Leaf Pendant

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This is one of our favourite pieces.  

This lovely pendant is made with a real oak leaf which had fallen from the tree in Argyll & Bute last autumn. It was carefully electroformed in copper and the real leaf is encased within the piece, preserving it forever.  It is finished with a dark gunmetal finish which almost makes it look like it's made fro bronze. 

It hangs from a matchin gunmetal tone 18" decorative chain with a 2 inch extender. 

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Electroforming is a process of growing copper around an item.  It is an electrochemical procedure which can produce stunning effects, where no two pieces will ever turn out the same. Each item starts life as a real, living object it them goes through a process of sealing and making it conductive and then finally encasing it in copper.  The process takes several days and is a delicate, skilled process.

This leaf was collected in the Autumn from an oak tree on the banks of an Argyll & Bute sea loch.  It has a lovely patina and is very much a 3D piece showing the crumpled way the leaf had dried after it had fallen from the tree. 

All our items are truly unique as you never find two pieces alike!



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