Large Oak Statement Necklace

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This stunning piece of jewellery is created by electroforming a very large oak leaf, which was collected from the banks of Loch Lomond, in Scotland.  It is a large statement piece guaranteed to be a talking point amongest your friends.

It is approximately 5 inches wide and has the real leaf still encased within the copper.  The leaf has a wonderful golden rainbow patina on it, the reverse of the leaf is really beautiful too, it has a fabulous texture to it and has reds, purples and gold patina.  

The leaf has jump rings on the back of the leaf where the 16! chain attaches to it.  There is also a lobster claw clasp at the back to take the necklace on and off. Whilst the piece is large it isn't heavy to wear.

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Electroforming is a process of growing copper around an item.  It is an electrochemical procedure which can produce stunning effects, where no two pieces will ever turn out the same. Each item starts life as a real, living object it them goes through a process of sealing and making it conductive and then finally encasing it in copper.  The process takes several days and is a delicate, skilled process.

The leaf is large and is a really stunning piece of jewellery which will no doubt be a real conversation piece! The leaf itself has connecting rings on either side of the leaf and from these it attaches to the chain. This can be changed to other lengths or types of chain if you so wish.

All our items are truly unique as you never find two pieces alike!



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